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Final Review Sessions for Freshmen Courses: WMP & I-PERSIST Mentoring

Please take advantage of review sessions being held by I-PERSIST Mentoring & WMP for upcoming finals. There are review sessions available for calculus, chemistry & physics.  Times for each are listed above. WMP wishes all of its members good luck on their finals!  

GE Commercial: Meet Molly, the Kid Who Never Stops Inventing

We wanted to share an empowering video made by GE!  Meet Molly:

Members account for 72% of Females in Freshman Class!

This year, our new freshmen members account for 72% of females in the freshman class!  We currently have 382 mentees in our program partnered with 278 mentors.  We look forward to seeing our new members at events throughout the year and hope your first couple weeks of class went well!    

  • “7 Tips To Help Land That Internship”

    Forbes published an article titled “7 Tips to Help Land That Internship.”  We wanted to share this article to help our members in pursuit of work experience! Tips include: “Emphasize Flexibility” “Experience Comes in Many Forms” To read more, please check out the following link. https://www.forbes.com/sites/investopedia/2013/06/24/7-tips-to-help-land-that-internship/#1cd4c63f4a87  

  • Behavioral Interview Success – Advice from our Workshop

    By Shreya Gupta Behavioral interviewing has become an increasingly popular method of job interviewing.  Companies such as AT&T and Accenture began using the behavioral interviewing methods in the 1970s, and since and increasing number of employers are ditching traditional interviews and conducting behavioral-based ones.  Knowing how to excel in the behavioral interview has become a crucial… Read more »

  • “5 Habits That’ll Ensure You’ll End Every Day Feeling Successful”

    Check out themuse’s article “5 Habits That’ll Ensure You’ll End Every Day Feeling Successful” It includes suggestions on how to ensure success within day to day work operations. Tips include: “1. Keep a Gratitude Journal 2. Reduce Context Switching 3. Create ‘If/When-Then’ Plans 4. Exercise—Even if Only for a Few Minutes 5. Have a Shutdown… Read more »

  • Come Tell Us What You Think!

    This year will be holding general board meetings to receive feedback and recommendations for our program.  Please join us Monday, October 2 for our first session.  The meeting will take place from 8-9pm in DCC 330.  Hope to see you there!

  • Resumania: Prepare for the Career Fair

    Do you have a polished resume for the upcoming NSBE/SHPE Career Fair on Sept. 21 and 22?  If you want your resume critiqued or you’re a freshmen or sophomore who wants to learn more about developing a great resume, attend Resumania tomorrow night! No registration is required! Please make plans to eat dinner before or after this… Read more »

  • Get That Job – Professional Development Workshop Survey

      Hello WMP Mentors, Mentees, and fellow RPI Students. The WMP Board asks that you take a moment to respond to a few questions, to help us better understand how this event impacted participants. During the “Get That Job!” workshop, participants were given the opportunity to listen to Meaghan Johnson, from the CCPD, reveal tips… Read more »

  • Ice Cream Social and Resource Fair Survey

    Thank you for attending our Ice Cream Social! Please answer a few questions below, so we can continue to improve this event for you, and all our members, next year! Loading…

  • Join Us for Ice Cream!

    Ice Cream Social and Resource Fair Our next event takes place Thursday, September 7!  Come out and join your mentor/mentee for ice cream.  We also invite a variety of clubs and on campus resources that set up booths to speak with mentees.  It really is the best of both worlds! Due to the large amount… Read more »

  • NRB Reception Survey

    Please follow the link below to take our NRB Reception Survey Feedback helps us improve future events For the Reception on the 28th: Loading…

  • Don’t Miss Our Welcome Reception for First-Year Women!

    Welcome Reception for First-Year Women Main Banquet Room, Russel Sage Dining Hall, 2nd Floor Two dates: August 28th 12-2pm August 29th 10-12pm Description: Meet other first-year women and a network of female peer mentors at a casual reception.  Find out how to develop lasting friendships, build academic and social communities, develop habits that lay a… Read more »