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Final Review Sessions for Freshmen Courses: WMP & I-PERSIST Mentoring

Please take advantage of review sessions being held by I-PERSIST Mentoring & WMP for upcoming finals. There are review sessions available for calculus, chemistry & physics.  Times for each are listed above. WMP wishes all of its members good luck on their finals!  

GE Commercial: Meet Molly, the Kid Who Never Stops Inventing

We wanted to share an empowering video made by GE!  Meet Molly:

Members account for 72% of Females in Freshman Class!

This year, our new freshmen members account for 72% of females in the freshman class!  We currently have 382 mentees in our program partnered with 278 mentors.  We look forward to seeing our new members at events throughout the year and hope your first couple weeks of class went well!    

  • Letter From Our President Tiana Grehanov

    Hello! My name is Tiana Grehanov, and I’m the President of the Women at Rensselaer Mentor Program (WMP) Board for 2017-2018. I’m overjoyed with your decision to join the program this year, either as a mentor who’s ready to share your knowledge and experiences, or as a mentee eager to learn tips from seasoned scholars… Read more »

  • WMP Featured Alumnae: Viola Wu

    We were lucky to interview Rensselaer graduate and previous WMP member Viola Wu!  Read to discover advice Viola has for incoming students, the impact WMP made on her professionally and her experience studying at RPI. Share a little bit about yourself (Where are you from, what years did you attend RPI, etc.?) I was born… Read more »

  • Mentor/Mentee Interview: Ananya Murali & Mallory Gaspard

    RPI student Ananya Murali has a strong background in working towards gender equality.  She was selected to be a national delegate for the 59th Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations where she worked with Hillary Clinton and Patrcia Arquette. In 2016, she was awarded named one of Wisconsin’s top two youth volunteers by… Read more »

  • Class of 2017: Most in Demand Majors

    The National Association of Colleges and Employers has just released their Job Outlook 2017 Spring Update.  Many of these majors lie in the technical fields with Engineering and Computer Science coming in First and Third place respectively when respondents were asked what academic disciplines they were hiring. We thought it would be useful to share… Read more »

  • Please fill out our Miracles from Meditation Post-Survey!


  • Give us feedback for our Spring Formal!


  • Featured Profile: Weronika Jakubowska

    Meet Weronika Jakubowska! She is currently studying Chemical Engineering and she plans on working as a full-time process engineer at Chevron Corporation in Richmond, California starting in August! She also plans on getting her MBA and to further her knowledge in the refining industry. Her past internships include being a process control engineer at Chevron in… Read more »

  • Featured Profile: Spring ’17 Freshmen Representatives

    Why did you apply to be a freshman representative for our program? M: I believe the Mentor Program is a great way for women to make personal connections early on in their college career. Being able to help build these connections and create this support system is very rewarding. S: Coming to a school with… Read more »

  • Sexual Assault on College Campuses

    By Sonia Patel What does it mean to be a female on a college campus? It is oftentimes associated with many stereotypes about how women perform academically or professionally, however the social depiction of women on a college campus is often neglected. Many of the past articles posted on the WMP page dealt with the… Read more »

  • Asking for Raises – Women in the Workplace

    By Sonia Patel Recently when Microsoft Satya Nadella was asked in an interview about giving advice to women who don’t feel comfortable about asking for a raise, he stated, “It’s not really about asking for the raise, but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go… Read more »