Please check your emails!  We have invited upperclassmen females to join our WMP program as mentors.  Our director, Barbara Ruel, has sent out emails to students who meet our qualifications to become mentors.

Women at Rensselaer Mentor Program is committed to helping first year undergraduate women transition seamlessly to Rensselaer by matching interested first year students with a female peer mentor and by hosting events that bring together a community of like-minded female scholars.  The program provides networking, coaching, and mentoring to help undergraduates achieve their academic and professional goals, make friends, and feel at home at Rensselaer.

On average, about 70% of all first year women request a peer mentor and may choose to be matched by major, interests/hobbies, varsity sport, ROTC branch of service, home country (for international students), or other special requests.

Training for first time mentors will take place from 7 to 8:15 pm Tuesday, March 27, Wednesday, March 28, Wednesday, April 4, or Thursday, April 5.

Written by Andrea O'Brisky