Board Position Roles and Responsibilities


  • Develops board and general body meeting schedule for following academic year
  • Leads weekly board meetings to discuss board business, including board administration and changes to WMP board Bylaws
  • Provides a meeting agenda to all board members two days in advance of weekly meeting
  • Meets with program director and executive board (vice president, director of events, and director of communications) weekly to review Board plans and progress
  • Receives ongoing updates from board members regarding their program roles, responsibilities, & program activities

Vice President

  • Works closely with current president to learn president’s responsibilities
  • Attends weekly meetings with program director and president
  • Steps in during president’s absence to lead Board or General Body meetings and works with the president to support the needs of other Board members and Web and Social Committee Coordinators
  • Assumes the duties of the president if the president is unable to serve

Director of Public Relations

  • Takes detailed meeting minutes at weekly board and executive meetings and uploads in Google Drive within 48 hours of meeting occurring
  • Heads the Public Relations committee and makes sure everyone stays on task
  • Sends out email blasts with registration links to mentor/mentees when necessary
  • Coordinates with Program Director when necessary to draft and schedule email blasts for the organization
  • Collaborates with Director of Events to create calendar schedule of necessary announcements and tasks for events

Director of Events

  • Coordinates with resource manager and program director on required inventory prior to planning each event
  • Completes event planning templates for every event two weeks before each one, accounting for all details
    • Uploads templates to Google Drive
    • Templates include all event details, including food, room reservations, stage risers, projectors, projection screens, podiums, microphones and sound systems, event supplies as well as task delegation
  • Reviews event template with everyone at general board meetings one week prior to event
  • Organizes and supervises event set-up and take-down
  • Contacts external photographers when needed for events
  • Collaborates with Director of Public Relations to create calendar schedule of necessary announcements and tasks for events
  • Heads the Events Committee and makes sure everyone stays on task

Campus Affairs & Community Outreach Liaison(s)

  • Coordinates with liaisons from student organizations and campus departments to develop and plan co-curricular events of interest to students
    • Archer Center, RPI Student Union, Admissions, Student Clubs, Mueller Center
  • Vets collaborative programming ideas with the board
  • Assists Director of Professional Development in attending student organization events
  • Collects responses from female students about their background, leadership roles, and the groups/organizations that they are a part of during events
    • Edits and submits these to Social Media Manager or Web Manager for posting

Resource Manager

  • Create and maintain inventory supply sheet on WMP Drive for all events
  • Maintain organization of storage room and update content labels as necessary
  • Coordinate with Program Director and Director of Events before events to ensure proper supplies are picked up and delivered
  • Coordinates with Program Director if more supplies are needed for events
  • Responsible for bringing inventory to and from events

Director of Program Assessment

  • Prepares registration links for all events
  • Develops new surveys and/or updates previously used surveys for each event
  • Emails drafts of surveys to executive board one week before event, then sends to Director of Public Relations for distribution
  • Runs check-in, and post event check-out, at events to monitor attendance
  • Creates and updates log of event statistics for each event on WMP Drive
    • Log indicates attendance and feedback
  • Vet collaborative programming ideas with the board

Director of Professional Development

  • Attend all professional development events and write follow-up article/review for WMP website
  • Coordinates with liaisons from professional development student organizations, professors, and outside companies/professionals
    • CCPD, Academic Departments, national student run organizations
  • Creates professional posts for social media a minimum of twice a semester
    • Highlighting women in STEM fields
    • Inviting mentors/mentees to answer questions about their co-op, internship, undergraduate research, or study abroad experiences and writing short article or interview summary
  • Vet collaborative programming ideas with the board

Mentor/Mentee Relationship Coordinator

  • Reports mentor/mentee partnership issues to program director
  • Drafts monthly tips for mentors and mentees on ways to maintain their partnerships and submits them to the website coordinator and social media manager for posting
  • Works with a small team to complete the matches of the mentors and mentees over the summer
  • Communicates with mentors and mentees to facilitate the resolution of any issues
  • Reviews documents from Program Director that gets sent out to the Women’s Mentoring Program during the summer
  • Invites mentors and mentees to share success stories about their partnerships to write up and post to our website and social media platforms, i.e. how did the mentor or the partnership assist the mentee to make new friends, adjust to college life, meet one of the mentee’s first year goals, resolve an issue, etc.

Website Manager

  • Coordinates with board and program director to plan overall look, content, and maintenance of website
  • Monitors website, posts timely event announcements and additional information as determined by the Board
  • Communicates with Social Media Coordinator, Director of Events, and Director of Public Relations

Social Media Manager

  • Plans overall look, content, and maintenance of Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram profiles
  • Collects social media updates from Board and reports out on ongoing social media projects at weekly Board meetings
  • Coordinates with the Website Coordinator to post event registration and post-event surveys through links from the WMP website
  • Writes a monthly “Member of the Month” profile to post to the website/social media highlighting students in the program at the beginning of each academic month
  • Plans weekly fun posts to increase membership involvement including #MentoringMonday/#MentoringMatters, #WomanCrushWednesday, and #ThrowbackThursday


  • Attends and photographs at all WMP events and uploads to google drive
  • Coordinates with Social Media Coordinator and Website Coordinator on new content
  • Attend weekly board meetings

Freshmen Representatives

  • Helps Resource Manager with setup and cleanup for events
  • Attends events with board and helps where needed
  • Plans and executes spring event with other Freshman Rep.

Written by Andrea O'Brisky