Support from Your WMP Community

In addition to receiving support from your mentor, there are many other women in the Mentor Program who can offer their sage advice and support! The Mentor Program offers monthly social and professional development events/workshops where you can meet other first year women and their mentors. Although you and your mentor may not be able to attend every scheduled event together, you can always invite another female student to attend WMP events with you, even if she is not a mentee or mentor. Just share the event registration link with your friend so that you and she can register for the event, too. Networking within the WMP community is a great way to explore minors, find out what kind of undergraduate research others are doing that may interest you, ask about companies where students interned, find out about Study Abroad opportunities, and ask how others are preparing for their professional careers. You can also use the Mentor Program network and the Leaders of Tomorrow workshops to learn about undergraduate experiences, like the Undergraduate Research Program (URP) that can help you determine whether a career in research and/or Graduate School is a good fit.

For the first six weeks of the fall semester, you and your mentor will want to identify a day and time that’s convenient for you to check in with each other by text or email. Use this time to provide your mentor with a short update on how you’re doing or to schedule a face-to-face meeting to discuss more complex issues.

Written by Andrea O'Brisky