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Name: Molly Monge
Majors: Biochemistry and Biophysics
Activities: iPERSIST Chemistry Mentoring, Chamber Music, Orchestra, Chemistry Demo Diva, Toast Rensselaer
Fun Fact: I performed in Carnegie Hall and also with Josh Groban on the flute

Vice President and Mentor/Mentee Relations

Name: Niki Taherian
Major: PreMed Biomedical Engineering
Activities & Hobbies: Society for Women Engineers (SWE), Habitat for Humanity, Jewelry- Making, Drawing

Director of Events and Resource Manager

Name: Tracy Chen
Dual-Major: Industrial & Management Engineering and Mathematics
Activities: Adventuring, Watching TV Shows, Learning
Fun Fact: My Chinese name Chuoxi is pronounced almost exactly like my nickname, Tracy

Director of Professional Development

Name: Avani Saggi
Major: Electrical Engineering
Activities: RPI Bhangra, RA in Quad, WMP Mentor

Director of Public Relations

Name: Kriti Mishra
Hometown: Saratoga Springs, NY
Major: Electrical Engineering
Activities: Co-Op at AMD, Intern at GLOBALFOUNDRIES Women’s Mentoring Program, RPI Circle K, National Society for Leadership and Success (NSLS), RPI SWE
Favorite food: Mac n’ Cheese

Website Manager and Social Media Manager

Name: Emilie Hoy
Major: Information Technology & Web Science
Activities: Cosplay Coordinator for Genericon
Fun Fact: I plan to someday work as a Librarian

Senior Advisor

Name: Samara Gallagher
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Activities: Conducts research at the Center for Modeling, Simulation, & Imaging in Medicine at RPI, Supervisor of Student Union Ben and Jerry’s, Intramural Hockey, Video Games